Our Assault On God…

queryA little thought to keep at the forefront of our minds is that whenever we sin, we diminish God’s capacity to be present within the world. How so? We are the living embodiment of the Spirit of God within the world, and when we sin, people are looking at us as the physical representation of Who God is, and thereby misjudge His character based upon our misrepresentation of Him. Therefore, our sinful activity not only affects ourselves and others, but they also affect God’s character.

We must think before we act. We must think before we speak. We must provide responses, not reactions. We must consider how God’s character will be affected before we engage in any type of action. Think…pray…and respond accordingly as God has so instructed us to do so…#thinkonthesethings


10 thoughts on “Our Assault On God…

      1. Oh, its okay, I consistantly ask this of the Lord, Im not a big talker and I believe I over think alot of things, but I think we must always be mindful of what we do what we say and how we act…and always remember that the Father sees and hears all. Thank you for this word today. We need to be reminder every do often of walking rightly, even when we are striving to do so. God’s blessings to you!!

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