Avoiding Insanity…

IMG_0086-0As I continue going through therapy for my wrist injury, I am constantly reminded of a Kingdom principle: healing and restoration is a process. Regardless of how I attempt to rush the process, complete restoration and functionality will only occur as I continue to participate along with the process and its timing. I cannot expedite the process by taking shortcuts in order to return to my regularly scheduled programming. By doing so, I run the risk of not becoming healed and restored completely and can be become a candidate for future injuries to the same place of injury.

Our bodies were designed with internal healing properties that regenerate themselves as we take proper care of ourselves. As we participate in God’s plan and design for our lives, our bodies will arrive at its normal state eventually. Everything, regardless of how we attempt to manipulate them, will operate within the parameters in which God has established…to do otherwise would be a recipe for chaos and disaster.

We would do well to remember that wherever we are attempting to go and whatever it is we are attempting to do will be there whenever we arrive. Even more, we will find that things will fall into place in its designed time and not one second before. We cannot continue to force nor rush the processes of life…to do so while expecting different results is an exercise in futility…#thinkonthesethings


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