Our Prayers Are With You…


In light of the recent events that have taken place within the past few days, we, here at JGM, would like to the time to solicit prayers for all of those families who have been either directly or indirectly affected by the acts of violence that have taken the lives of their loved ones. It saddens us to think that it has taken these events to bring us all together and to the point of soliciting prayers, not only for our own, but for others apart from our immediate inner circle. As believers and citizens of the Kingdom of God, this should be our position and posture 365 days of every year without fail…without reservation.

So at this time, we would like to say that our prayers are with all of those families throughout the world who have lost loved ones due to senseless violence either recently or in the past. We pray that God will bring the peace and strength that each of you will need in the days to come…

With Love,

Sean Mungin and The Joshua Generation Ministries


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