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Our Hearts’ Prayer…


Fill us up, Lord, until we are overflowing with Your love, joy, peace, grace, mercy, goodness, integrity, and character…It is our heart’s desire to be more like You…to be a reflection of Who You are within our spheres of influence…To let the whole world know that there is always hope for a better day and a better life…To let the whole world know that there is an answer for every struggle, every pain and heartache…and that answer is found in You alone…In spite of what we see, we can live in peace…even in the midst of chaos all around us…So we lift up everyone who is within our sphere of influence to You today and commit them into Your hands…watch over them…keep them…protect them…and provide for them…This is our prayer…and we thank You in advance because it is already done…in Jesus’ name we pray…AMEN!


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  1. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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