The Exchange


For every promise of a blessing within the Word, there is a prerequisite of obedience. Conversely, for every act of disobedience, there is a promise of a punishment that will manifest through the consequences for those actions. In a relationship with God, as in any other ‘real’ relationship, there is a corresponding response.

We teach that God gives us everything freely, but when we consider everything that God has given us, God has always had some expectations of us in return. God expects for us to respond to Him by surrendering ourselves to Him through our lifestyle of obedience, our lifestyle of worship, our lifestyle of faith, our lifestyle of gratitude and our lifestyle of godly behavior in return for His love, grace, mercy, and goodness that He has extended to us. There is always an exchange of something for something within every relationship…so why do we expect it to be any different within our relationship with God?…#thinkonthesethings


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