The Morning After…


On yesterday, people in various places gathered together with loved ones and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It was a time of fun-filled laughter and conversational pieces that we will archive with our earlier memories from life. But when the laughter ends, the food is gone and everyone else has left for their respective regions of the world, we are left alone to reflect upon our thoughts about the events of the day. The norms of our everyday lives return and everything falls back into place.

The next morning arrives and some people begin to press into the new day, filled with optimism and expectations of a great day ahead…but others have no desire nor motivation to lift themselves up out of their beds in order to begin their day. Some force themselves to get up anyway. They search for their masks behind which they hide the dread and disdain for their very existence. They cover up their pain and feelings behind thick layers of make-up and painted on smiles in order to keep the unsuspecting world at bay because “surely no one could ever possibly understand,” they reason within themselves.

The weight of the cloud that hovers above their heads casts an overwhelming shade of gloom and dispair onto their paths. Myriads of thoughts of hopelessness race through their minds…some even telling to it would be best to just end it all…no one would ever miss them, right?

One would ask, ‘Why would he post something so morbid on the morning following such a wonderful day of joy and happiness?’ I am writing this because I have lived this. I am writing this because others are still living this. I am writing this because no one knew I had lived this. I am writing this because many do not know that they have loved ones who are still living this.

We all lose when we lack the ability to discern when someone close to us is experiencing these bouts of depression. How so? If depression is not caught in time and closely monitored, it could eventually lead to a loss of life. Within the Body of Christ, there are many who have been and still are plagued by depression for various reasons. It is our responsibility to be discerning enough to see it and cover our brothers and sisters with much love and much prayer.

Let us pray that God will fill us with a discerning spirit and an attentive ear in order to keep us vigilant about hearing and responding to the ever so faint cry flowing from the hurting individuals who are experiencing depression…no one was created to walk and live this life alone…#thinkonthesethings


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