Never Lose Your Praise 

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have an awesomely beautiful day that the enemy has to try to raise his head into your life in some shape, form or fashion? That, unfortunately, is what he does. However, our response should be to never lose our praise!

Why am I writing this? Because this is exactly what happened to me today. Yesterday was a fantastic day…all day! I could not have planned it better myself…even if I were given a million dollars to do so.

…and then came today…

It started out well and with one little event, it went downhill from there. Feelings of frustration…moments of anger…all of that!

I tried to listen to different types of music (Christian, of course)…did not work. It was not until I elected to focus on God’s goodness that I was able to recollect myself and jump back into the game.

I have said all of that to say this…regardless of what is going on around you…never allow it to cause you to lose your praise! The goodness of God far outweighs the frustrations going on around you. It will every single time…#thinkonthesethings


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