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Despite our dislike for some of things those in leadership may do and say, we understand that there has to be some form of government in place because the only alternative is chaos and civil unrest. Leadership is not always going to get it right, and it is okay because they are only human. However, their failures and inconsistencies are not a license for us to disregard law and order.

Imagine what would happen within the Body of Christ if we were to completely disregard the leadership. The Church would begin to look like the rest of the world…wait a moment…that’s already taking place!

Pardon my momentary sarcasm…let’s just say I have not had the first cup as yet and my mind is racing at warp speed! Nonetheless..I must continue…

Everywhere we look, shots are being fired at the leadership within the Church. The sad part about it is that much of it is friendly fire. Church folk are throwing stones and hiding their hands…taking pot-shots at the leadership, while failing to remember that the leadership is representing God.

Regardless of what type of leader the leadership may be…government was ordained and sanctioned by God. Why? To govern, not rule. To regulate. To maintain. To protect. To preserve.

To govern, regulate, maintain, protect, and preserve? YES! To govern, regulate, maintain, protect, and preserve! What are they governing, regulating, maintaining, protecting and preserving? The order as established by the government of God. To keep us from violating the principles of the Kingdom. To exemplify the difference in lifestyle that should exist between God’s Kingdom and the world.

Honor leadership. Regardless of whether you agree with their decisions or not…understand that they are privy to information from God that we may know nothing about…#thinkonthesethings


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