Changing Perspectives

imageEach of us began our Christian lives with a broadened perspective of who we are and as time goes on, the picture begins to become more sharpened and more focused. Why is this?


Because as we continue to draw closer to God, He continues to cause us to see His purpose and plan for our lives with greater clarity. The lens with which we view and perceive things begins to shift from seeing things in terms of “What can the world do for me?” to “What can I contribute to the world?” Our lives’ mission, then, evolves from wanting to be served by others to wanting to serve others.


Understanding that we are all called to a position of leadership within the Body of Christ helps us all to learn how to approach life from a Kingdom’s perspective. We are called out of the world to serve the world by leading them to the Cross. Once we have led them to the Cross, we continue to lead them to God. After we have led them to God, we continue to lead them by our examples of godly living. It is an unending cycle.


Change your perspective about the importance of your life by shifting the position from which you view your life. It begins and ends with receiving and believing what the Word of God has to say about you. Embrace your life as God sees you…it will begin to change how you begin to see yourself and the importance of your role within the world…#thinkonthesethings


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