A Respect For Other’s Right To Privacy…


I was thinking about some raised eyebrows I received the other day about something I posted on Facebook. It was honestly nothing controversial in my eyes, but others felt something different. It was content of a personal nature, and up until this point, I have been extremely limited in my sharing of personal information. So because of previous conversations with some people (wherein I felt the need to protect some elements of my private life), I believe a few people were offended by my disclosure. Close friends to be honest…However, this morning when pondering about what I should write, this is the only thing that comes to mind.


Every person deserves to have some level of privacy in his or her life…even if they are in the public’s eye. Some things are going to be disclosed whether the individual wants them to be or not. Some things are going to be disclosed by the individual themselves. In relationships, regardless of whether they are on a romantic, platonic, familial or professional level, every bit of information is not and has not been disclosed to others. It is up to the individual to determine whether or not to disclose the information or even how to disclose the information. What the other parties do not know or even understand is the person’s story or reasoning behind their actions. Also, the person is not obligated to disclose anything further if he or she chooses not to do so.


Having said all of this, I now say, please have a measure of respect for the choices others make concerning their lives. If the choices being made are presenting a concern for self-harm or harm to others, then external intervention becomes necessary. However, if the person’s decision affects no one in a life-threatening manner, regardless of your feelings concerning the matter, the person has the right to make decisions for themselves and will be the ones living with the consequences for their actions. Respect other people’s right to privacy…#thinkonthesethings


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  1. Agreed and well said. Having boundaries works both ways. People have the right to their own beliefs, choices and behaviors, as long as they do not corrupt someone else’s rights.

    Having boundaries is two-fold:
    Protecting your own rights to your beliefs, choices and actions

    Not forcing other people or manipulating other people to comply with your beliefs, comply with what you want their actions and behaviors to be.

    You posting things about your personal life is within your own boundary limits. Other people have the right to feel uncomfortable and they do not have to read it.

    They do not have the right to tell you not to post it because they did not like that behavior.

    It is not their business. Unfortunately when we are in the public eye, like public service, some people feel that they own us. They want us to hold an image that they have of us in their heads.

    Being authentic is more important than acting like you are some person others want you to be for them.

    I once in a while get comments om my youtube channel about what I should say and how I should say it. There is no way everyone would be happy, even if I try to adapt to every request.

    The channel is free. Watch and enjoy or watch another channel. I put the videos out to help people, just like you do. Let them watch or not. They are not paying for them….nor are they paying to read what you write.

    Tell them you will give them a refund for what they paid to read it….LOL

  2. Excellent statement, Sean! Being yourself is all you can be–and you live with the consequences, whether people ‘like’ what you choose to say or not. The refund idea above is brilliant! 🙂

      1. Glad I could make you smile. Sometimes humor can help to see a stressful situation in a new light.

        When adults are acting like demanding children that want their way, it causes us anxiety.

        If we can picture them pouting and stomping their feet like toddlers, then they feel less threatening and the situation loses its power over us.

        These are techniques from NLP that I have been learning about reframing the picture into one that is funny or less threatening. Once you change the picture, it can never really go fully back to the old one….unless of course you do the reverse process on purpose.

        The less threatening picture allows you to feel less threatened. Then the person ( or people) cannot manipulate you by trying to get an emotional reaction anymore.

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