Understanding The Blessing In Numbers 6:24-26

imageHave you ever considered what it means to have God’s name placed upon you? As we aspire to live in complete obedience to God and His Word, God will respond in kind to our responses to His Divine initiative. There are three things that will occur in our lives:

  1. The Lord will bless us,
  2. The Lord will make His face shine upon us, and
  3. The Lord will lift up His countenance upon us (Num. 6:24-26).


These three Divine initiatives are a part of a Divine progression which concludes with one ultimate goal and summation in mind: Divine peace. This can be observed in the three effects of God’s Divine initiative:

  1. He will keep us,
  2. He will be gracious unto us, and
  3. He will give us peace (Num. 6:24-26).


If we are to embrace God’s Divine initiatives, we must also understand what encompasses Divine peace. Divine peace consists of: prosperity, longevity, happiness in family life, safety, security, good health, friendship, and general well-being. This Divine peace, in conjunction with having God’s name applied to our being, is the ultimate outward demonstration and manifestation of God’s presence within our lives. There is no better way to begin and end our day than waking up in the morning and lying down at night with a daily reminder of God’s Divine presence always with us!


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