Understanding Life’s Journey

Growing and maturing in life means sometimes taking steps into unfamiliar territory. All it requires is us having faith that God will lead us every step of the way (Mt. 14:22-33). We ourselves cannot control every facet of life, but we can rest in the fact of knowing that we are the children of the One Who is sovereign and is in control. God will never lead us into an area that He has not either designed to mature us. Nor will He allow us to enter a situation in which He has not already provided an exit strategy. It is not in the removal from a situation that we grow, but it is in the remaining within the situation and trusting in God that everything is okay…regardless of what we see going on around us.


4 thoughts on “Understanding Life’s Journey

  1. Thank you for this word! Amen! Going through medical issue, but I know the Father is in control. My faith is being stretched and I must quiet my thoughts and silence the voice of the enemy with the Word of God. This is just a journey I must take to get to where the Lord is leading me…to PURPOSE. Blessings my brother in Christ.

      1. Thank you my brother! Prayer changes things! God is Great and Awesome and my life is in His hands and like we use to sing when I was a little girl, I can hear my mom’s voice ringing, “…..Leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarm. Leaning, leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms!” that’s where I am. Blessings to You! Have a great God blessed day Sir!

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