Lifespan Development

imageWhen we are newborn babes, we have no understanding of what it means to be disrespectful and violate any established rules within society. The only thing we know how to do is focus upon our own needs, and even then we do not realize that this is what we are doing. However, as we continue to grow, we are expected to mature developmentally in every area of life over the course of our lifespan.imageWith each passing phase, more is expected of us through our words, our thoughts and our actions. When our behavior fails to meet expectations, we receive some form of correction…at certain times, some forms are more severe than at others. The purpose of this correction is not to destroy us, but to help us rise to a level of maturity wherein our behavior is aligned with where we should be at this current stage in life.

This not only occurs within our natural lives. This is a mere reflection of our relationship with our Heavenly  Father. God does not expect us to know how engage in the Christian lifestyle when we first become believers. He gently guides us through our newborn moments and grants us the things we have need when we have our childlike episodes (Ex. 15-17).


However, at a certain point, God expects us to grow and develop spiritually as we mature in our relationship with Him through prayer, reading and studying the Word, and our moments of individual and corporate worship. When we fall short, God has to correct and redirect us at a level that is “age-appropriate” in order for us to learn and reach a level of maturity in our words, our thoughts, and our actions which is “age-appropriate” (Num. 11-20).

In the end, the overall desire is for all of His children to become transformed into the image of His Son and our Lord, Jesus the Christ. Let us take heed to these daily instructions and apply them to our daily walk in order for us to grow into whom God desires for us to become.


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