S2: E4 – Purpose






4 thoughts on “S2: E4 – Purpose

  1. I am so glad, and truly appreciate that you shared this word “purpose.” This word has so much meaning to me, and l value and respect it so much because, before l truly found out what it meant, l thought my purpose in life was “to suffer”, because l had been through so much and had suffered so much, and l thought because Jesus suffered, my purpose in life was to suffer, until one day l was talking to this 95 year old woman, and l shared that with, and she told me that was not my purpose, nor was it anyone else’s purpose. She began to share with me that was no one on earth could suffer as Jesus did because He came to suffer, and that was His purpose. After that conversation, l had a greater respect and different outlook on the word “purpose.” Thank you again for sharing. I always say, “It is the little things that make the biggest difference.” You have blessed me with this one word. Each day, l ask God to give me a word for the day, and today l have received my word. Thank you so much for the reminder. May God continue to bless the work of your hands.

      1. Amen! Likewise, l am also. I am finding so much purpose in the word “purpose.” It is not until l found the true meaning of the word that it really came alive in my life. Be blessed.

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