‘Kingdom Living’, Sn1:Ep34 – Stay In Your Lane

maintain your lane

your lane


6 thoughts on “‘Kingdom Living’, Sn1:Ep34 – Stay In Your Lane

  1. Thanks for this very important message. I found myself following a path that I thought God was carving out for me and I was totally unhappy. I recently gave it up and am devoting myself to writing about my faith, my illnesses, my life, in hopes that it can help even one person. I know this was His choice for me all along and I just couldn’t see it. Thank you for blessing me with that confirmation today through your words.

      1. That he is! I would love to share something with you. I have been praying for some way to join a ladies bible study for the fellowship and studying the word that I have longed for. It is difficult for me to get to our church because of my health issues and an opportunity presented itself yesterday in the form of an online group of women suffering from chronic illness who love the Lord. He has provided what I have been praying for all in one package – women who understand what I am going through, who love the Lord as I do and who otherwise would be isolated from sharing God’s word. I just thought you might like to hear this.

      2. I am so grateful that you were willing to share your testimony with me! I also am grateful that you were open to the avenue through God has chosen to answer your prayer. He knows your heart and I truly believe that you honored Him with your prayer and faithfulness! Keep pushing forward…I believe better days are ahead!!!

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