The Key

While embarking on our journey, we are sure to have a wilderness experience. How long we remain in the wilderness is contingent upon our obedience to our Heavenly Father and how long it takes for us to learn the lessons that He is seeking to teach us. Fighting against the process is the result of the rebellious nature within us that seeks to please itself, and to submit to this rebellious spirit is sin. When we fight against the experience, we prolong the process and cause ourselves and those who are either directly or indirectly connected to us to endure unnecessary consequences and hardships.

Instead of fighting against the experience, we must remember that there is always a way out of a situation if there is a way into the situation. The end of every wilderness wandering happens when we do two things: 1) submit to the power of God and 2) submit to the Word of His instruction. We must understand that the wilderness is not designed to hurt and destroy us. The wilderness experience is designed to test us and to prove us in our commitment to the covenant relationship we have entered into with God. It is also designed to demonstrate the power and faithfulness of God to perform His promise to us through His provision for our every need in every area of our lives.

So regardless of what we may have been told before about our wilderness experience…the key that releases us from the wilderness and unlocks the door to true life, true liberty and the pursuit of true happiness can only be found once we submit to the will and power of God.


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