How Do We Minister To The Transgender Population Effectively?

I was just reading something at my job about transgender veterans, and something dropped into my spirit: How do we minister to this growing population effectively about the Gospel of Jesus Christ? To some, it would seem to be such an easy task, but if the truth be told, it really is not.

There are so many dynamics involved with this controversial subject. If we are not careful, as believers and ambassadors of Christ, we can alienate this group of people and risk losing them to the enemy. While we may not agree with certain decisions the individual has made, we must exercise Godly wisdom in our approach to ministering to them.

Why? Because they still have a soul. Regardless of what personal opinions we may have about them, God still loves them as much as He loves us. While sharing the truth of the Gospel with them, we must also live the Gospel out loud as well.

I am still troubled within my spirit about this concern (not afraid, but troubled), but I am certain that God will provide the answers when the time is right…


3 thoughts on “How Do We Minister To The Transgender Population Effectively?

  1. Yes, it’s a tough one. I work at a high school and we have a few transgender students. I love them, I will never condemn someone for any sin they may commit or be committing, it is not my place to. I just show them love, as Jesus showed me. Sort of like hate the sin, not the sinner? I do minister to them through my actions and let them know they are loved. Is their lifestyle/choice wrong, yes, the bible states so but I am not God and I won’t judge someone because I am not perfect myself. We just have to minister to them, transgender, homosexual, heterosexual, etc, through our actions, because actions speak louder than any words we can speak. Amen? Amen!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

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