The Ultimate Christmas Gift…

During this time of the year, we all normally become consumed with all of the holiday festivities, the gifts, the food and the fellowship with those closest to us. However, in the spirit of the One this season is supposed to be about, let us not forget about those who have lost their loved ones and are experiencing great sorrow. Let us remember those who feel alone, as well as, those who are indeed alone.

Research has proven repeatedly that during this time of the year, the rates of depression, suicides and attempted suicides increase. The feelings of hopelessness and despair overwhelm some people more than others to the point wherein they feel as though there is no way out. But we that are not without hope can reach out to someone less fortunate than ourselves and share our love and hope with them…letting them know that there is an Answer…and it is found in Jesus Christ.

So…if you wish to share a gift with others this season, let Jesus be the Gift that you give. Save your money and spend some of your time instead…


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