The Inevitability of Death

“Aaron shall be gathered unto his people: for he shall not enter into the land which I have given unto the children of Israel, because ye rebelled against my word at the water of Meribah…” (Num. 20:24).

No one likes to think about death…especially their own. But what do you do when God is telling you that your death is imminent? If you have not already done so, you must begin to ensure that your life is prepared properly for the transition. Place your affairs in order and ensure that you have consulted God about finding a person who will be a suitable person to succeed you after you are gone. Should God delay Jesus’ coming, the sheep must not wander without a shepherd. Leadership must be established. Always keep in the forefront of your mind that we all must pass along and go the way of all the earth one day. Ensure that God’s plans are set in place so the assignment continues to move forward and does not cease.


5 thoughts on “The Inevitability of Death

    1. Hi Erika! I’m not afraid of death. I think I’m more afraid of not having lived my life to the fullest and have accomplished everything God purposed for me to accomplish.

      1. I know what you mean, Sean! This is basically something I promised myself a few years ago: I never want to look back and regret that I did not do or try certain things. Since I did that I grab chances and step over my fear. No restrictions by others. Life has become so much bigger and I can honestly say that if I had to go in this very moment I was in peace because I did take the chances I was given and did not back off anymore. Even if I could not finish certain projects at least I went for them!
        As long as you are living according to your inner call you don’t need to worry at all!
        Sorry, that all just flew out of me. I hope you don’t mind it! Have a good day, Sean!

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