It All Belongs To God

“That thou shalt take of the first of all the fruit of the earth, which thou shalt bring of thy land that the Lord thy God giveth thee, and shalt put it in a basket, and shalt go unto the place which the Lord thy God shall choose to place his name there…” (Deut. 26:2)

Honoring God with our lives also consists of honoring Him with the very first of our increase. Our increase is anything that has been added to us, in addition to what we had previously. Seems simple, right? If so, then why do we have difficulty in being obedient to this command?

Returning the first of all our “fruit” to God is a way of acknowledging that all of our substance has come from God’s bounty. It is also acknowledging that we would not have access to this bounty had it not been for God’s favor and provision being extended to us. We cannot profess to engage in true worship to God without honoring Him through our remembrance of His goodness and faithfulness to us throughout our lifetime, and more specifically during our wilderness wandering. This is also inclusive of our deliverance from whatever our “Egypt” may have been and the entering into our land of promise.

Returning the ‘tithe’ or ‘firstfruit of our increase’ is our way of saying, “Thank God, for all of Your goodness, mercy and grace towards us!” So let us ensure we render unto God what rightfully belongs to Him: honor and gratitude for His goodness toward us for He has truly given us all things to enjoy (1 Tim. 6:17)!


7 thoughts on “It All Belongs To God

    1. First, thank you taking the time to read and respond to this article. Second, we must not forget that in the Holy Scriptures, the people rendered unto God one-tenth of all they received in honor and recognition of the fact that God was their Lord and Possessor of BOTH heaven and earth and that they were merely stewards of ALL that they possessed. They believed, and rightly so, that EVERYTHING they obtained was given to them by the hand of God. This included anything received in material form, and was not limited to agriculture, oil, and cattle only. This gave them a way to confess the operation of their faith in God in EVERY sphere, including the economic sphere as well. This included the firstfruit of ALL by which they have been increased (i.e., firstborn, first harvests, first of the flocks, first of currency). Please, Sir, read Deuteronomy, Chapter 8, in its entirety. It speaks of the fact that it is God alone Who has given them (and us) the power to get wealth, of which it is said in verse 13 and 18, “And when thy herds and thy flocks multiply, AND THY SILVER AND THY GOLD IS MULTIPLIED, AND ALL THAT THOU HAST IS MULTIPLIED…thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is HE THAT GIVETH THEE POWER TO GET WEALTH…” They were acknowledging God with the first part of everything that GOD had increased in their lives. Therefore, Sir, because the increase, in the contemporary context, is represented in the form of money, we honor and acknowledge God as both Possessor of BOTH heaven and earth, as well as, the Provider of every good and perfect gift and all things pertaining to life and godliness, by rendering unto Him the first part of our increase as well, which is represented by the tenth or as we commonly call it, the tithe. Thank you again, Sir, for your response. God bless you!

  1. I respect your interpretation but only if it’s in Holy Scriptures that money was indeed a form of tithe is when I will believe it. Money was never used as a tithe in the form of the Word. The monetary tithe doctrine is a deception from satan and it’s in error to the Word of God. Furthermore, only Israelites received the covenant to do so and it was indeed only agriculture, produce, and cattle.

    1. Sir, with all due respect, believing or not believing it is your decision to make. However, I will have to respectfully agree to disagree. I do not debate the Word. Please have a wonderful evening, Sir and God Bless!

  2. Was wondering… In the Bible…

    Did Jesus ever teach **His Disciples** to “tithe? “Give a tithe?”
    10% of anything? Silver, Gold, or Money? To a church?

    Did any of **His Disciples** ever “tithe?” “Give a tithe?”
    10% of anything? Silver, Gold, or Money? To a church?

    Did any of **His Disciples** ever teach believers to “tithe?”‘ “Give a “tithe?”
    10% of anything? Silver, Gold, or Money? To a church?

    If being one of **His Disciples** is important? To you?

    Wouldn’t what Jesus taught **His Disciples,** in the Bible, be important?

    Wouldn’t what **His Disciples,** DID, in the Bible, be important? To you?
    A good example to follow?

    2 Cor 9:7
    Every man according as he purposeth in his heart,
    so let him give;
    not grudgingly, or of necessity:
    for God loveth a cheerful giver.

    If – “It All Belongs To God” – ???
    Shouldn’t WE, His Sheep, **His Disciples,** His Ekklesia…

    Ask Jesus, where to give, and how much to give, of “His Money?”

    1. To answer your question…

      Wouldn’t what **The Bible** in its entirety be important to you, as **Christ’s disciple**, to follow wholeheartedly and make applications to your life without picking and choosing what to believe?

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