The Impact Of A Lie, Pt. 1

“Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour…” (Deut. 5:20).

My grandfather used to have a saying, “If you’re not an eyewitness, then you’re a false witness!” In hearing this, I have always understood this to mean that if you did not physically see someone commit an act or actually hear someone utter a word for which they are being accused, then you cannot stand as a witness against them. Your testimony would be inconclusive and unsubstantiated.

Every person has a right to be able to provided with an opportunity to have proper representation when his or her character is being questioned. Once it has been determined that they are at fault and are found guilty based on evidence submitted which proves the guilt, then they must be held accountable for the act. However, if someone is being held accountable for an act in which they did not participate based upon our claims, then we will be held accountable by God.

(…to be continued…)


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