Focused Thoughts…

Yesterday, I did not write anything. It was not intentional…it seriously just kind of happened.

My day was spent doing some reading, some resting, and then some more reading.

Much of my thoughts during this time was on my personal relationship with God and the spiritual climate surrounding me. Much to think about…and with these things was I consumed. Some of what I was reading about focused upon things going on in the world and how we as believers have kind of shown somewhat of a disinterested attitude about it all. This is largely because we feel as though we are not being directly affected by the events. But in reality, we are not exempt from any of the effects.

The conclusion of the matter is this: Life is too important for us to take this approach. There is too much to lose and there is not much time to redeem what has been lost. We must truly focus our efforts intentionally upon presenting the Good News of the Kingdom to this lost and dying world. We must sense the urgency of the times.

We may never be given a large platform from which to speak…but even if we are able to speak into the life of one individual, we have done an eternity of good…just something to think about…


6 thoughts on “Focused Thoughts…

  1. Sounds like a good day! What kinds of things were you pondering (that affect us even though we don’t realize they do)? Just wondering….and agreeing that we cannot pretend we live in a privileged bubble of any kind.

      1. I hope you’ll write about this. I couldn’t agree more. We are slipping into patterns already in place but now ramping up to full speed ahead. I’d love to hear what you have to say about it. Thanks for the response.

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