Becoming A Godly Married Man

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder…” (Mk. 10:9).

I would like to take a personal moment to talk about being a married man. Not just any man, but a God-fearing, Christian married man. We may think that we have it all together and others may think so as well. But if each of us would take a look beneath the surface, we would find ourselves lacking and wanting in many areas of our lives.

For the most part, we do not deserve the wives with whom God has blessed us. The sacrifices they make for us and our families are unparalleled. They are often overworked and under appreciated. Yet they never grumble nor do they complain,  but they graciously complete each task regardless of often being taken for granted.

God places women in our lives who are able to see the things to which we are oblivious. In the midst of our male machismo, we sometimes do not want to acknowledge the accuracy of what they have been gifted to see nor the truth with which they speak. If this behavior continues, we run the risk of losing the most essential part of our marriage…our life’s partner. All because we have chosen to allow our vision and perspective to become mired by the toxicity around us.

God knows what and who we need in order to be successful in this life’s journey. We often say that we have fully surrendered to God’s plan for our lives, but these moments are the true tests of whether we have or not. Life has a way of exposing us and the reality of our true character. For the most part, what we find out is none too pretty.

As the husband, as the man…we have been given a charge by God to protect this sacred institution with everything within our being. Many times, we fall quite short of the mark. We have to examine ourselves continuously to ensure that we have not allowed ourselves to fall into any type of activities that will cause us to abdicate our responsibilities in our God-ordained role. I am speaking about a lot of things here, I know…it is only because I have recently realized this in my own personal life.

Becoming a Godly married man requires nothing more than for us men to pay attention to the spiritual climate within our surroundings. It requires to pay attention to the gifts we have received in the form of the Godly wives which we have been given by God. They have the ability to add so much value to our lives if we would only allow them to function in their God-ordained roles.

We only hurt ourselves by ignoring their counsel, which later results in causing damage to the marriage and family institution. Sometimes, this damage is irreparable. Sometimes, with God’s help, the damage can be reversed, but it is up to us to the take the first steps to remedying the situation. All it takes is our willingness to concede to God’s way of doing life as opposed to continuing to do things our own way.

If we are willing to do this, then we will begin to reap the benefits of the abundant life that Jesus promised us…one day at a time!


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