Surely God Knows

“Shall not God search this out? For He knoweth the secrets of the heart…” (Ps. 44:21).

In this particular verse, the Psalmist is referring to things and people taking the place of God within our lives. However, not to minimize the importance attributed to God taking the preeminence in our lives, but this verse also speaks of something else. It speaks of the internal thoughts and secrets that we hold within, unknown to others. God sees the struggles we have internally. God sees the questions to which we long to find answers. God sees the things we hide from others. Although hidden from the human eye, God is able to see into the deepest, innermost recesses of the spirit and soul of everyone. Nothing is hidden from His eye.

God’s reason for sharing this is so we may feel free to come to Him to cast all of our cares and worries upon Him. He longs to be “…our Refuge and Strength, a Very Present Help in trouble…” (Ps. 46:1). God longs for us to see that looking to others for the help and answers which only He can provide is an effort in futility. God wants us to lean solely upon Him and cast our confidence upon Him because He is True and He is Faithful to perform His Word (Phil. 1:6).

These are the times in which we should be turning to Him, and not away from Him. There is no comfort anywhere else, nor in anyone else. All we have need of can be found in God alone. So the next time the questions arises concerning whether God is there, the answer to the question is, “Surely God sees where I am and knows what I am going through; therefore, I have every confidence that He will bring me through this.”