The Importance Of Connecting With Others

We were created with the capacity to make an impact on the world around us. Therefore, one of the greatest feelings in a believer’s life is when he/she is connected to a group of other believers. The feeling of being connected eliminates the state of loneliness and isolation that the enemy seeks to trap us in. He knows that if he can isolate us from other likeminded believers that encourage and foster spiritual growth and maturity, then he can keep us from reaching our God-given destiny and potential.

If we buy into the lies of the enemy: 1) we suffer, 2) our loved ones suffer, and 3) the ones to whom we were created to minister to will suffer as well. How does this happen? The design of the enemy is to get us to separate from the Body of Christ (or the Vine). We lose our power, our strength, our effectiveness, and, ultimately, our lives because we have become disconnected from our Source.

If you are not connected with other believers, today is the day that you can change this. Seek God for direction to determine where He wants you to be and get plugged in. Reach out to the church leadership in your local congregation. Reach out to others in the local congregation. Whatever you do, get connected today!


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