Kingdom Living…Why Do We Do What We Do?

I have been taking an introspective look at every part of my life over the past few weeks. This is also inclusive of operating this online ministry. One of the things that keeps running through my mind is, “Why do we do what we do on here?” For various reasons, it is a very hard question to ask of myself when looking at it all. Listed below are a few of the considerations I have had:

One consideration is: When considering this, the website is not as popular as others. This is an important point to consider because just as much work goes into maintaining this website as it takes to operate any other site. We conduct research into finding ways to achieve optimal results. Sometimes we have made financial investments. Sometimes we have reviewed the successful methods of others website owners and have implemented some of their practices. Although the content is different, should not the practices yield similar results?

Another consideration is: The content is positive and life-changing, but some find it offensive. We have elected to write about everyday problems of life and addressing them from a Biblical perspective. This is in and of itself a source of contention. Even within “Christian”circles. We have never made any proclamation of being the foremost authority of Biblical and theological matters. However, we have presented material with the intention of fostering and cultivating a deeper desire to search for understanding life from God’s perspective with God Himself. Although the message is intended to be positive, should not it challenge us about the deeper issues of life as well?

One last consideration is: We often fear and reject the things in life that are most challenging. We do not like facing our own realities and being held accountable for who we are and the things we have done. The simple fact is that we are all going to be held accountable for all of our actions…great and small. By looking past these concerns and acting as though they are nonexistent, our behaviors only guarantee one thing: we will have to address these concerns at a later moment in life.

Although our website is not as widely popular as others…although our website may not yield the returns on our investments that we may have wanted…one thing is certain…we have never compromised the original message and intention of the website, which is to present the message of life in Jesus Christ and how to engage in living a Kingdom lifestyle to fullest with no regrets. At the end of it all, as long as God is pleased with our efforts, as long as the message of the Kingdom is going forth and as long as a life has been changed for the better…our purposes have been served and it is worth it all.

This is why we do what we do…


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