What Does Entering The Promised Land Mean?

“And it came to pass, when all the people were clean passed over (into the promised land), that the ark of the Lord passed over (into the promised land), and the priests, in the presence of the people…” (Josh. 4:11)…(author’s italics)

What does entering the land of promise mean? Having crossed the Jordan River by God’s miraculous power, the children of Israel were no longer a group of wandering people. The transformation that occurred was a Divine act of grace which had given the people a real national identity. The occupying nations of the land had to acknowledge the presence of both the people and, moreover, they had to acknowledge the powerful presence of their God.

What does this mean for us today? When we ‘cross over our Jordan River,’ we become transformed from just a wandering people to a people that the forces of darkness must recognize as: 1) the sons and daughters of God, 2) citizens of His Kingdom, 3) members of His Army, and 4) they have to acknowledge His powerful presence in our lives. Because of this transformation and entrance into our land of promise, we present a very real threat to the occupying forces of darkness.

This is not meant to boost our egos and level of pride wherein we leave ourselves open to the attack of the enemy, which may cause our downfall. However, it is meant to cause us to be even more on alert spiritually because possessing the land of promise is not going to come easily. There will be some opposition because we have realized who we are in God and are walking in that knowledge to advance God’s Kingdom agenda.

In other words, prepare yourselves for war because in order for us to possess, there has to be a dispossession. Here is a quick word of warning: the present occupying forces are not going to surrender as easily as we may think! We are going to have to fight in order to possess. Use this time wisely. Present yourselves before the presence of God. Surrender to His power and authority and allow Him to rise up within you. He is guaranteed to fight your battle for you.

So get ready…


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