Time Means Everything

One thing I have learned about my journey with God is that I cannot place a time frame on God. Why? For the simple fact that He is God and is not bound with time-spatial limitations. He exists outside of time, is able to work with us within the span of time. It is always “now” to Him because eternity always “is” and never “was”. The more I think about it, the more I stand in awe of the greatness of my Heavenly Father.

For us to be able to relate to God, He uses time-spatial elements to help us understand more about Him. When God says something is going to take place “soon,” we understand this means, ” not far off into future…” However, we are looking at it from a human perspective. As the days turn into weeks and months, we begin to question God about whether we actually heard God correctly.

 This is the problem of the Divine-human interaction. We have the propensity to always make God fit neatly into our mold and we fail to understand that this is not how this relationship is meant to work. God comes to us to engage us, but not to be anything other Who He is and Who He knows we need Him to be. He reveals Himself to be Who we need at the very moment we need Him, and it is always right on time. He opens the right door and closes the wrong door all at the right time.

We can never rush Him, nor can we slow Him down. The one thing we can do is refuse or reject Him, in which He ceases to act on our behalf. However, He never turns away from us. He waits for us to return to Him. Whether it occurs instantaneously or later in life, God remains there…waiting for us to return to Him so we can continue our life’s journey together. He will, then, lead us to the place He has prepared us for in life. When we arrive to this place, we will realize that we have a Divine appointment for which we arrived on time. As we reflect on our lives, we may view our arrival as being late in life. But God does not view things in this manner.

With God, timing means everything. When we begin to realize that He does these things to help us to relate to Him and each other better, then we will be better able to flow with His approach to doing life.


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