Life (No Longer A Slave)…

Father, as I prepare to go into the land of promise…my prayer is that You shine the light of Your glory upon my life that I may see every area that is not pleasing to You. I desire to be wholly clean before You and do not want the stench of my past to continue to be upon my life. I pray, Father, that You roll away the reproach of my Egypt from off me as You did with the children of Israel after they crossed the Jordan and entered into the Promised Land (Josh. 5:9).

My desire is to walk up rightly before You everyday in every way, even if it means that You confront me with face to face with my shortcomings. I choose to come forward to You because I do not want to continue on my current path because I know You have more for me. I want to live life to fullest with Your life flowing through me.

Circumcise my heart, Father. Cut away everything and everyone that has been a hindrance to my my growth and maturation…even me, O, Lord…even me. I do not want to return to bondage again because You have truly liberated me. You have broken every shackle and chain off of my life…now I am free to live for You triumphantly in Christ Jesus, my Savior and Lord….Your Son.

I have not come this way before and I do not want to have to come this way again. So help me, Father because I want to get things right this one time. Father, I do not want walk around the same mountain again. I need that part of my life to be over and done with. I want my destiny. My desire for Your promise for my life to be fulfilled. Father, help me to become the man You have created me to become…so roll away the stench of my past…

Consecrate and sanctify me, O, Lord. Make me a vessel that is meet for the Master’s use. I am no longer a slave to sin and bondage. No longer am I a slave to the kingdom of darkness. I am no longer a slave to this world. Now I belong to You, Heavenly Father. I thank You and praise You for this for I pray this in Jesus’ name…Amen!


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