Truth Moment

Truth moment. Well…I am writing to you today because this is what I do. But I am in pain (not complaining, but grateful) because I was involved in an automobile accident yesterday while traveling to work. I walked away with muscle sprain in my lower back and shoulders and mild whiplash. The mild whiplash is a reinjuring of the major whiplash I had five years ago. Not fun. But grateful for my life.

Truth moment. I was in the far right lane and when I looked to my left, all I saw was a white vehicle making an illegal u-turn from the opposite direction and into my lane. To avoid hitting the vehicle, I shifted to my right and ended up jumping the curb and running into a building. Thankfully, the person behind me saw the entire incident and pulled over to make sure I was okay. (**sidenote – see…there are still some people with good hearts in the world**).

Truth moment. When I was finally able to get out of my car, I saw the person from the other vehicle walking back to the scene. I will admit that at this moment, my humanity stepped in when she asked if she had anything to do with the incident. I quickly snapped back, “You were the one who caused it!,” and walked away. In hindsight, this was a moment to extend grace and mercy, but I was too shaken to extend anything.

Truth moment. The police arrived at the scene rather quickly, and contrary to popular opinion, they were very sympathetic to me considering what happened. They assisted me with everything from obtaining the other party’s information. The police also called the towing company to transport my vehicle because I was too scrambled to do it myself. I added this to say…all lives matter…respect the uniform!

Truth moment. One of the business owners came out and informed me that only a few seconds before, she was standing there with a small child. This situation could have been so much worse. I could have struck this woman and someone’s child. This means that additional families were almost impacted by this other driver’s lapse in judgment. When the police reviewed the building owners’ video footage, the video determined that a few seconds before, there was a young gentleman on a bike that barely made it across the street before my vehicle hit the building. Another family almost impacted by this poor decision. Thankfully, I did not strike any one inside the building when I collided into building. That is a very sobering thought that I would have had to live with for the rest of my life…

Truth moment. I am grateful because God spared all of these lives and families the agony of receiving tragic news as a result of the incident. They are none the wiser that their lives were almost taken in a split second because of a poor decision. But God spared them. In all honesty, it is worth the pain I feel today. I would rather be in pain than to know that some one lost their lives as a result of my actions resulting from someone else’s poor decision making.

Truth moment…if my wife and I had not prayed yesterday morning…it could have been much worse…


12 thoughts on “Truth Moment

    1. I’m just glad no one else was hurt. Especially the little one…that would’ve broken my heart…

  1. Sean, I am so glad you weren’t hurt worse! God was definitely in the midst of this calamity. It gave me chills to read how many other people could have been badly injured or killed because of one reckless driver. I am praying for you to recover quickly from your injuries.

  2. Oh Sean! I had no idea…Lord thank you for protecting my brother. You speak truth….Father continue to heal. Be glorified Lord, thank You. Amen

  3. “Thou hast spared me.” Words from one of my favorite hymns. I often imagine God as the master choreographer. Which means that even if things had been worse, God would still be the master choreographer. 😊

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