The Priority Thing

In the midst of calamity, never take your eyes off the goal. The calamity may be an attempt to knock you completely off course. However, look at it from a different perspective. God’s perspective. The calamity itself could have been the exact thing you needed to slow down and refocus on the thing you have not been able to give much time to. This thing may be the thing that God has been wanting you to allocate your time and resources toward, but the busyness of life has prevented you from doing it thus far.

God will never allow anything to come into your life to destroy you. He often allows them to come into our lives to get our attention. This often happens because we have allowed other things to distract us…as important those thing may appear to be. But what we must realize is what is the top priority and takes precedence over everything else. Once we place everything in its rightful place, then God is able to use us to our highest potential for the Kingdom.

What is your “priority thing”? For me, my “priority thing” was my job. I felt the need to excel and exceed far above my colleagues because of what it meant for my status. It would define my level of success. It would define my crowning achievements in life.

Over the past several months, God has been decreasing my affection for the things of this world and refocusing it on things eternal. Not that I was not passionate about those things before. But God has increased my sense of urgency about the times in which we live and the emphasis I needed to place on conducting Kingdom business and leaving my business to Him.

It is not that my job is bad. But it is not the “thing” I should be placing as the top priority. My priorities should go in this order: 1) GOD, 2) MARRIAGE, 3) FAMILY, 4) MINISTRY…and everything after all of that. Once we see life from God’s perspective, we will be able to align our lives and vision with God’s plan and vision for our lives.

This is how “the priority thing” works…


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