What Happens…

What happens when a person is at the end of their life’s journey? Will they look back and see a legacy of good deeds? Will they see a life that honored God? As I lie here with my iPad and thinking, much has happened over the past week since I had my accident. I have had a lot of time to spend on my patio to engage in some reflections about my life. Old memories have flooded my mind. Things I have not thought of in years.

I always try to find the teachable moment in every situation. Even if it is a lesson I do not wish to learn. What happens if I ignore the lesson? I am bound to have to engage in the learning process continuously until I complete it. However, I have learned several things during this brief period.

One I have learned is that life is short. I need to maximize every moment with things that matter. If there is time remaining for nonessential things, then I will gladly add them to the schedule. What happens if I do not do this? I will find myself doing a lot of work, but nothing of any significance. This leaves me with little to no time left to do the things that do matter.

Another thing I have learned is that I am not happy where I am currently in life. Although I smile a lot, beneath the smile is sadness. Why? I want more. Not in a selfish sense. I do not want to work for anyone else anymore. I would like to engage in full-time ministry and building the Kingdom. Establishing an organization which does this is a major consideration at this moment. What happens if I were to take that initial step to move beyond the world of virtual ministry? I understand that there is a lot of work involved in building a startup anything. But I would be happy.

Something else I have learned is that being a man is difficult work. The way we think, speak, and act reveals a great deal about us. There are moments wherein I feel as though I can conquer the world. Then, those moments arise when I feel like the world’s biggest loser. Some days I completely confident in myself. Other days, I lack the confidence to even make any attempt at all. What happens if I allowed my feelings to dictate my actions? Many things will be left undone and my purpose left unfulfilled.

What happens if I do not take any of these thoughts seriously enough to do something about them? How do I explain this to God when my time on earth is done?


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