Is This A Vacation?

Is this a vacation? I am not sure. Today was to mark my return to limited duty at work. However, midway through the day, I received a bit of disturbing news…I needed to provide additional information prior to returning.  No problem, I thought, as I attempted to contact my doctor for an updated letter. I was informed by the person on the phone that the doctor would need to reassess me prior to writing the note. She also proceeded to tell me that she is not certain if the doctor would write the note. I asked why and she stated that is due to my case being a personal injury and not Worker’s Compensation.

What does this mean for me? This means that I will be out of work for an additional eight business days. I will have to use my PTO because we do not accrue personal nor sick days. This is upsetting because I have not had an opportunity to take a vacation. Now as a result of this accident, I will barely have any time remaining with which to take any vacation.

That was the end of my rant. Now on to the beauty of the situation (You didn’t think I was going to just leave it there, did you?)…

With all that I could find wrong with this accident, there is a positive to replace it. The positive things are always there, we just tend to overlook them because we are focused upon its negative counterpart. Many times, if we would just look around the corner, we would see the answer for which we were looking. The silver lining. The sunshine. The ray of hope. The ‘aha’ moment.

Although I was unable to take a vacation from work, God has allowed me to take some time away from work anyway. He has allowed the situation to be wherein I cannot work remotely even if I wanted to do so. Am I going anywhere? Not really. I cannot drive. So I have to just sit myself still and enjoy some awesome time with my Father.


Not a bad exchange, is it?…


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