The “Problem” Of Color In America

Once again, our country has to address the issue of race. The tolerance of cultural diversity has long been the elephant in the room that no one wants to speak about. At least not in public. Maybe around the dinner table with those of like cultural and ethnic persuasions…but not in public with those who view life through a different set of cultural lenses.

The Trump campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”, is just that…a catch phrase with no substance to support it. Before I proceed, this is not a ‘bash President Trump’ piece…but my perspective on the bigger issue at hand.

How can we make America great again when we are more concerned about the external optics of our international position instead coming together to resolve internal issues? Should not domestic policy be just as important as foreign policy? We have a long history of turning a blind eye to the internal problems of race, and the whole world seems to acknowledge this more than we do ourselves.

Of what are we afraid will happen if we were to come to the table to have a dialogue about this? Of what are we afraid will happen if we all arrived at some consensus in terms of resolving this issue once and for all? How do we arrive at a win-win for all instead of any group feeling as though they have lost something? IT IS ONLY A WIN-WIN SITUATION IF WE WALK AWAY IN UNITY AND WITH THE DETERMINATION TO ERADICATE THIS PROBLEM OF COLOR!

America can only become great if everyone is offered a seat at the proverbial table of influence equitably. America can only become great if everyone agrees that all lives matter and deserves the right to strive for and achieve excellence in life. As long as we continue to deny each other the right to an equality that transcends color lines, America will never be truly respected anywhere in the world. It does not matter how many nuclear weapons we may have. It does not matter how much we control the global economy. Why? Because (thanks to technology) everyone realizes that America will always be vulnerable to the global community because when the centuries-old, unresolved shame of a global power is echoed around the world within a matter of seconds, it calls our national character into question.

How can we police the world and confront other nations about the tyranny and terror of a dictatorship when we are threatened with this reality on a daily basis? It has long since been time for America to do some serious soul searching. We each have a responsibility to look within ourselves and decide what our role is in contributing to a peaceful and effective solution to the problem of color. Until we do, as a collective whole, America will never be great…


13 thoughts on “The “Problem” Of Color In America

  1. Well said! I believe another serious issue where this country serves foreign-policy more than domestic policy is poverty. 20% of our children go to bed hungry every night. We should be ashamed of ourselves!

    1. This was my point exactly, Frances. Some people are acting as though this is something new when it has been in front of us the entire time.

  2. Strong post, Sean. We are our own worst enemy. The problem isn’t ‘out there.’ It’s in here — 💜 — growing by leaps and bounds as we search in vain for answers ‘out there.’

      1. Yes, it is. I’m relieved to see a few journalists writing about this, and wonder whether there are churches that have already launched their own programs. Any ideas?

      2. I believe there are fewer than should be. The church should be at the forefront of this…in my humble opinion…

      3. Yes. If I come up with examples, I’m going to post about them. We need all the creative juice we can find. 😊

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