Why Are You Hiding?

As I think about much of what has taken place recently, I have come to one conclusion: WE ARE ALL IN HIDING! When we come face to face with ugly truths such as racism and hatred, we all hide behind something. Whether it is a position, title, or socioeconomic status, we have this inherent fear that if “…I come out of hiding, I will actually to do something more than just talk about it…”


The truth of the matter is that we all have some platform from which to begin the healing that we desperately need in America. We should not be afraid to use our influence to speak against the evil elements of this world. We should use each moment we have as an opportunity to spread as much love to one another as we can. If some of your supporters walk away because you have taken a stand against wrong, then it should be considered that they were never in alignment with your agenda in the first place.

Love is the one thing that will completely destroy hatred. It is the one thing that holds all things together. Love is the one thing that helps us look beyond other’s faults and realize that they are just as flawed as we are. It will make you cry when others are hurting. It will also make you rejoice when others are celebrating. Why? Because it is the one thing that does not allow any room for separation or prejudice.

So if we all are as filled with as much love as we proclaim to be…then in times like these ask yourself, “Why am I hiding?”


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