Mere Accountability

Accountability is something that many of us wish did not exist for obvious reasons. The main reason is that accountability exposes us and makes us vulnerable to others. With this type of exposure and vulnerability, we are granting others access into the very deep and secret areas of our lives. In addition to this, we are also relinquishing a certain level of power over ourselves.

I am certain that some will say, “Well, this is all contingent upon what we choose to disclose.” Although this is true, the problem lies in the fact that if we are not being completely honest in our disclosure, then we are not truly making ourselves accountable. So how do we remedy this painful process?

One way to view the accountability process is to look at the long-term benefits that we receive. Relationships remain in tact. A certain level of freedom in not having to hide anything. No stress. No more lies. Not having to keep track of every word we say. The list goes on.

Recently, I had forgotten the importance of it. Then, I found myself in an extremely bad situation. Thank God for His grace and mercy. I needed to free myself or else I would face a life-changing decision that would forever haunt me.

I had been praying to God to send me that one faithful friend for this very purpose, not realizing that the friend had been in place the entire time. After speaking with my wife, I informed her of my intentions and received her blessing. This, in itself, meant a lot because I had to learn how to trust that she wanted what was in my best interests as well.

When you run through life without any restrictions, you learn how to live on the defensive because you are never sure in whom you can trust. You do not feel the need to conform to anything. Neither do you feel the need to transform anything. You do not feel the need to inform anyone of anything. Why? Because you have chosen to live without established boundaries. This is not healthy and it is not what God intended.

Interdependence is of paramount importance when it comes to Kingdom Living. This is also true as it relates to any area of life. The enemy of accountability is independence. Also, independence is the enemy of community. When we become self-reliant and inwardly-focused, we place limits on any increase in the level of positive impact within our communities. With such limitations in place, we limit out collective potential to become as effective as we need to become to be world-changers.

It all begins within…




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