“God forbid that we should rebel against the Lord, and turn this day from following the Lord, to build an altar for burnt offerings, for meat offerings, or for sacrifices, beside the altar of the Lord our God that is before his tabernacle…” (Josh. 22:29).

Never is a word we often hear within our daily conversation to communicate something that negates another thing. We say, “I will never do this,” or, “I will never do that.” Then, the time arrives when we actually do the thing we said we would never do. Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, it should.

For example…it is a common practice within life to obtain something which we may have wanted for a long time, and forget how we obtained it. Regardless of if it was through someone else’s benevolence, we often fail to acknowledge the source of our happiness. In Christian circles, we have the inclination to do the same.

I believe that this stems from our belief that we are independent from others. We deceive ourselves into believing that we are able to go through life without any external assistance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As believers, we understand that God is the Source of all that we have. We have to acknowledge His hand at work in our lives in ways we cannot explain. The way in which He works things out for our good is completely beyond human comprehension. It is so awe-inspiring that human reasoning causes many to doubt because we cannot explain how everything has worked in our favor other than the fact that it was all God.

All things considered, I have written all of that to say this: NEVER forget where you have come from. NEVER forget how you arrived there. NEVER forget those who have helped you. NEVER forget that it was God working behind the scenes on your behalf.

We cannot forget that if it had not been for God on our side, we would NEVER have made it this far in life…

Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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