Perspectives: A Discussion About Change

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been testing out a new format for my page. I am not sure if anyone has noticed the shift in topics of discussion. This was intentional. The page is entitled, “Kingdom Living,” and was predominately based on things I learned while in my private time of studying the Bible. However, one day I read Cheri Lucas Rowlands’ post entitled, “What’s the Story Behind Your Site Title?” I knew why I changed the title to its present name, but I never explained it to others.

I seriously had to think about the best way to describe the decision to call my site, “Kingdom Living.” After thinking about it, I responded as follows:

Kingdom Living came about when I changed my focus in life. Things I was writing were one dimensional and I needed to explore on how to incorporate Christian principles into everyday life without compromising and being judgmental.”

Is this the perception that Christians want others to have of them? Like many politicians, we have fallen into the trend of providing “talking points” with no substance.

My response comes out of years-long frustration with the failure of many in the Body of Christ to address the critical societal issues we face daily. This in no way was meant to undermine and discredit what has been spoken. However, it was meant to open up discussion about the goings-on in the world around us from a Biblical perspective. It was meant to begin discussion and actually live out the Biblical principles we so often hear about in Sunday morning sermons.

If no one has noticed, the Church does not have a prominent seat at the many tables of discussion anymore. Could it be that we are failing to provide a viable definition of what we truly believe? Like many politicians, we have fallen into the trend of providing “talking points” with no substance. Those who follow us find themselves becoming more frustrated because when the smoke clears from our “sermons,” they realize they are walking away with empty rhetoric and no real solutions to their problems.

We cannot be afraid to tackle the tough issues of the day. If we were truly Christ-followers, then we would emulate His determination to address the difficult issues of His society. He was well aware of the fact that standing up for what was right would place a target on His life. Yet, Jesus continued to press forward with the Father’s agenda.

We cannot be afraid to tackle the complex issues of our society.

In consideration of this, over the past few weeks I have begun to discuss theological, health and lifestyle, political, and financial issues. In doing so, I do not make a profession of being an expert on these discussions. However, this is my attempt to open up the floor for discussion with whomever is willing to participate. This is my attempt to provide an opportunity for everyone to be heard and to become better informed about the world around us. Important to realize, regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge it, we are all affected by these critical issues.

Moving forward, my site’s new format will be as follows:

  • Monday: A discussion of theological topics
  • Tuesday: A discussion of health and wellness topics
  • Wednesday: A discussion of political topics
  • Thursday: A discussion of financial topics
  • Saturday: A weekly word of encouragement

To have a greater impact on the world, we must become all things to all humanity (1 Cor. 9:22). Furthermore, we can no longer hide behind the Bible, nor can we continue to make excuses for not following after Christ’s example of Kingdom Living. We must truly begin to engage our society from a different perspective and begin to address the societal ills of our day. As believers, we profess to have the Answer. In other words, if we really believe this, then why are we selfishly withholding Him from those who need Him? A discussion about change is in order…



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4 thoughts on “Perspectives: A Discussion About Change

    1. Thank you, Tricia! I, personally remember sitting in church when I was younger and having questions about life outside of the church setting, but never receiving any answers. It led me to venture out and find out the answers on my own…sometimes the hard way. I do not believe it was meant to be that way.

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