Random Thought: Who Is God To Me?

For the past hour or so, I have been sitting here and trying to figure out what I should write about today. I began with a prayer and by reading in my Bible, but nothing seemed to jump off the pages to motivate and inspire my thinking. So I stepped away and not long after, I was challenged by a thought that entered into my mind: “What does God mean to you…”?

What random thoughts are you thinking today?

For those who have been walking with me on this journey for some time now, you know that I try to be as introspective a person as I can be. So this is a question that, I believe, many of us can immediately begin to provide a response. But once we finish, how much of it sounds cliché-ish? How much of it sounds like something we have heard before or have been trained (either directly or indirectly) to say when asked? What this has evoked in me is a new understanding that some automatic responses are not always the truth.

If such is the case, then I need to return to the drawing board and begin my quest again. Why? Because I need some answers. One thing I do know to be true is that I eventually get the answers for which I seek…even if they are not the ones I thought I would receive.

Has anyone felt like this? Is anyone feeling like this right now? In a moment of honesty with yourself, I challenge you (like I am challenging myself) to really search within and ask yourself, “Who is God to me…”?


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6 thoughts on “Random Thought: Who Is God To Me?

  1. To me it boils down to is Jesus is Hope. In this world of chaos and sin, there is hope for a better life to come. And as we await for the fulfillment of this Hope, He is Peace, Refuge , and Comforter in the storms of this life.

    1. There is always the need for that Hope, Peace, Comfort and Place of Refuge…without it, I seriously doubt many of us would cease to exist.

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