Opinion Matters: 3/2/18

I was reflecting on some of the changes I have been going through recently and in some of the things that I have witnessed in world events as well. This is what sparked the change in my format on here. I intended to leave at least two days open per week to not have to think about thinking about write I should write.

Regardless of the tense climate within our world, we still possess the freedom to think…and share our thoughts with others.

However, last week on one of those days, I found myself thinking about what what I was trying not to think about. Then it hit me, “This is who I am. I write. I love to write. My mind is constantly going and I need an outlet.” So an idea for one of my non-writing days came to mind: a day of writing wherein I would have to think about writing…I would just write liberally.

Out of that time of not thinking about writing, I came up with the idea to set aside one of those two days to write a random opinion piece on Fridays. No particular format. No designated theme. Just freedom in writing.

There is an element of truth to this statement by Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855).

As soon as I thought about what I was trying not to think about, a title came to mind, Opinion Matters. Why ‘Opinion Matters’? Well…because, contrary to popular opinion (no pun intended), I believe opinions do matter. I think we greatly diminish the creative side of communication when we inhibit the creativity that comes from being able to think and express those thoughts freely.

I believe that some of the greatest thoughts and opinions on the matters of life have gone to the grave with some highly profound thinkers. Unfortunately, we will never be able gain access to these individual’s opinions and we will never know whether those thoughts could have enhanced our way of life. We are basically stuck with the ‘what if‘ syndrome…

So moving forward on Fridays, I will be sharing my opinion about whatever topic interests me at the moment of writing. I make no promises that well-researched material will find a place in these pieces. But I am certain they will be based on something I may have encountered, something I may have researched…or maybe not…


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