Opinion Matters: 3-3-18

Ok…so, first things first. I know I said I would be writing opinionated pieces on Fridays, but, as you can see I have had a change of heart.

So I was just sitting here and I thought to myself, “Is a bad thing to march to the beat of your own drum?” I am not so sure I would say that it is a bad thing. Our unique differences are what makes life so beautiful. One thing that bothers me is when someone is trying to mimic what someone has done or is doing. Is it seriously that difficult to be creative?

Have you dared to be different today?

We share ideas on a daily basis. Some we take and improve upon before applying them to our lives. Others we discard because they add absolutely no value to our lives at all. There is no harm either way unless we take the credit for someone else’s idea.

I guess creativity comes a little easier for some than it does for others. This should not diminish this person’s self-worth or self-esteem. We all were created with differing gifts and talents. Sometimes, we need to step away from the crowd to find out who we are and begin to create an environment wherein we can focus on developing in our areas of strength.

All I am saying is that we each can contribute something of value to the global community. If you have not yet begun, there really is no better time to begin than right now. In comparison to others, do not look at their accomplishments and allow them to deter you. Just look at it as though they had a head start on their journey while understanding that each of us must walk out our own journey at our own pace.


Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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