Opinion Matters: 3-9-18

This has been an interesting week of sorts politically, economically, physically, psychologically…well, I am certain you understand where I am coming from with this. I am looking forward to tomorrow because I will be able to slow down briefly before jumping back into the swing of things. Having a little time does not mean that my mind ceases from its activities. It just means that my mind will have more time to flex its muscles and send me into a thinking frenzy.

Has this become the new “reality”?

Having said this, I was reflecting over this past week and I noticed something: somewhere along the line, many of us have lost interest in maintaining awareness of what is happening around us. I think we have elected to become more entertained than educated. Or maybe we would rather have others think for us instead of thinking for ourselves.

I was never a big television watcher in my early adulthood. This is partly because I was in the military overseas and we only had one channel: the Armed Forces Network (AFN). Even upon returning to the U.S., I did not gravitate towards watching television much. It was not until  several years back that I began to watch television and one thing I discovered is that I had not missed much. Much of the programming was baseless and, quite frankly, a waste of time. Anyone who really knows me knows that I do not like to waste time because I can never get that time back. So I would rather be doing something productive with it.

One thing I do like to watch when I turn the television on is the news. I am a big news person. I like to be informed. However, I am realizing that even the news has become more subjective than it is supposed to be. I believe a part of the reason for this is that the network owners have become so focused on the ratings that they have lost their focus on remaining purely objective and reporting just the facts. Another reason, I believe, is because the news has become highly politicized and the reporting has become politically biased. Instead of watching one news network, I have to watch several to obtain an almost full picture of the world’s events.

Many people within today’s society prefer to be entertained than educated.

I get it. It is sometimes difficult to speak about some things without becoming very passionate about them. It shows in the change in tone (verbally and written). But is it wise to allow our emotions to overtake us when reporting to others something which could greatly impact their lives? The power of persuasion is powerful enough in and of itself. The facts do not lie. Because they are facts. They are absolute. Just because we do not agree with them, it does not make them any less true. The only way facts can fit into our lives to fulfill their intended purpose is for us to be willing to accept the facts as they are without attempting to alter them. Once we began to alter them, they are no longer facts…they become tainted with our personal opinions and beliefs.

I guess what I am saying is that we have enough people and things in our lives attempting to sway our thinking. I believe that we should take a break from some things and people. Then, we should fill those voids by surrounding ourselves with things and people that truly add value to our lives. I think we would be better contributors to society if we did…


Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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  1. “Then, we should fill those voids by surrounding ourselves with things and people that truly add value to our lives. I think we would be better contributors to society if we did…” Amen to that Sean.

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