Destructive Cycles

“And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord…” (Judg. 2:11).

How often have we allowed ourselves to be defined by our failures?

Destructive cycles teaches us two lessons: 1) We are not living our lives the way we were intended to live, and 2) There is hope for positive change beyond our cyclical failure. No one likes to view themselves as a failure. The truth is that until we acknowledge that we have and are failing, we will never come face to face with the opportunity to reverse our steps and go in the opposite direction.

We were all created for one main specific purpose, and that is to glorify and honor God with our lives. How do we do this? We do this by seeking God wholeheartedly. During our personal times of conversations with Him, He communicates to us how He wants us to live on a daily basis. Then He gives us the choice of whether we want to follow His lead or not.

Regardless of how our journeys have become marred by our poor decisions, there is always hope for Gods power to turn our situation around.

If we choose to follow God, we can see Him at work in our lives. However, if we decide to follow our own paths, we will soon see the consequences of our actions. Sometimes these consequences take on a completely different role in our lives should we fail to acknowledge where we strayed from God’s direction for our lives. Until we learn from our mistakes, we will continually travel down this same road repeatedly. This is the beginning of destructive cycles in our lives.

Regardless of the stronghold destructive cycles have on our lives, we are never beyond hope. God’s love for us causes Him to always initiate action towards us to elicit a response from us. He extends an offer of grace and mercy to help restore us and redirect our paths in the right direction. His power alone breaks the destructive cycles in our lives and gives us another opportunity to live our best lives for Him.

The enemy of our souls does not want any of us to live in the freedom that was purchased for us by Christ on the Cross at Calvary. But thanks be unto God that the enemy does not have the final word in the matter. We can be set free from destructive cycles. We must be willing to confront ourselves about them and confess them to God. Only then will we be able to watch the doors of freedom swing wide open in our lives.



6 thoughts on “Destructive Cycles

  1. Beautifully written Sean. The mercies of endures forever more and because of that, we are confident that there will always be hope for a better life regardless of what we’ve done. Our sins are great but his love has and will always be greater.
    Thank you for reminding us of his love. God bless you Sean. ❤️

    1. To God be the glory, Whitney! I’m always thankful for the reminders of His love as well. They always come at the right time 😊

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