Opinion Matters: 3-23-18

The ‘March For Our Lives’ movement has been gaining momentum due to the relentless and tenacious resolve of the thousands of students involved. It has inspired people from around the world to stand in support of them.

Tomorrow…March 24, 2018…is going to be an interesting day emotionally. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida (in conjunction with others) will be spearheading the ‘March For Our Lives’ event in Washington, DC. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people will be there in support of the event. These young people have taken a courageous stand since the shooting event last month and have challenged lawmakers on both state and federal levels to make changes in the areas of gun control. Their relentless advocacy has inspired people from around the world to join in their efforts to force politicians to address the issue to prevent a recurrence of their experience.

There is believed to be an estimated 800 marches going on within the U.S. alone. What is amazing is that the efforts do not end there. There will be ‘March For Our Lives’ events going on around the world as well. I applaud the efforts of these young people and wish them the very best success in these endeavors. But…I have one problem with the scenario…why did these young people have to take up the banner and fight in the first place?

This gun control issue has been pretty much in our faces for decades now and no one has done anything about it. Maybe I should say that if anything was done about it, there was never any widespread media about it nor enough support to fan the flame to keep the movement going. I ask myself, “Why have we never been angry enough before to do like these kids are doing and say ‘enough is enough’?”

The time for change has come. Students around the country are joining the ‘March For Our Lives’ movement to advocate for new gun control legislation.

In my opinion, we should be ashamed of ourselves for not acting more before now. If we had done something before, perhaps these young people would not have to be doing what we should have already done. It is our jobs to protect them, not the other way around. We had a responsibility to do so and we failed them. From family and community members to community and governmental leaders, we have failed them. We left them unprotected to fend for themselves, and as a result, 17 lives were lost. The sad part about it is that this is only speaking of this incident. This does not include the countless other lives that have been lost because of our failure to advocate for the safety and future of our children and communities.

We have to do a much better job at becoming our brother’s keeper. It does not matter what we may personally feel about one people group versus another people group. We are responsible for each other. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone’s right to life is respected. We are responsible for holding each other accountable from every sector of the global community. If we do not take a courageous stand, similar to the students of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, then we will leave a legacy behind that is not worth remembering. What are your thoughts? I would appreciate any feedback from anyone as this is a community effort to living our best life in honor of the One Who has given us this life to live. Love God…love others….love yourself!



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