Opinion Matters: 4-5-18

So I have been off the grid all of this week due to contracting some viral upper respiratory infection. That sounds deadly, but it is not. The worst part was the 103 degree fever that had the insides of both of my ears feeling as though someone had just blown scorching heat through them continuously. It was enough to keep me from sleeping and, eventually, head to the emergency room.

I had no idea of why I felt this way. I had not been too many places during the week, but here I was…near death’s door….Ok, that was a bit extreme. But, in reality, if my fever had increased, it could have led to worse conditions.

A moment of honesty: How many of us know of someone who is truly deserving of this? How of us would be willing to admit we are deserving of this ourselves?

As a man (at least I believe I am), we sometimes do not like to stop long enough to take better care of ourselves. It is this cursed ego thing we have going on. We like to believe we know everything (MESSAGE – we do not!). There are those times wherein we need to listen to the experience and knowledge of others. Even those to whom we would otherwise never listen. Contrary to what we believe, we do not have a monopoly on knowledge. Someone out there knows a little more in everything than do we. Fact check it…please.

Listening to the counsel of others can save us from much difficulty in life, if we would allow it. It does not mean that this person has become a person of authority in our lives. It just means that we have exercised the wisdom that should come with age and experience by seeking alternative perspectives from others that could enhance our own worldview.

What is wrong with this? Absolutely nothing at all. In other words, get over yourself and get out of your own way. In so doing, we have a better chance at becoming the people of excellence I know we were created to become.

What are your thoughts? I would appreciate any feedback from anyone as this is a community effort to living our best life in honor of the One Who has given us this life to live. Love God…love others…love yourself!


Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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4 thoughts on “Opinion Matters: 4-5-18

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words and well wishes! I think I’m doing much better because I’m up and running around doing house chores 😂

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