Opinion Matters: 4-13-18

This week was my first week back in the gym since my car accident back in July 2017. Unlike times before, I have learned a valuable this time around: easy does it. If I want to regain the form and strength I once had, then I must use wisdom in my approach. I cannot rush into some crazy routine or force the issue because of pride nor can I allow my ego to get the best of me.

As I think of how this can transcend into other areas of my life, I realize that sometimes we tend to “force the issue“. We do not allow things to take their natural course because we fail to understand that everything operates within its own time frame. Why? Because that is how they were designed. The Bible says, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” (Eccl. 3:1).

Time is the most important component of life’s processes. In order to experience the optimal level of purpose from anything and any person, we must have a healthy respect for the element of time.

However, in our society, we want what we want exactly when we want it. When we begin to rush things or try to force them to fit within our own time frame, we are forcing them to function outside of their normal parameters. This is the definition of abuse, or, abnormal use. Under these types of conditions, the end result for us and whatever it is we are abusing is never good.

There is nothing wrong with gradual progression. There is also nothing wrong with waiting. Instead of viewing the process as something negative, we should try to look for the positive lessons that can be gleaned from it. Then, apply those lessons to our lives and watch them blossom over time into something that enhances our lives and makes them more beautiful than they were previously.

What are your thoughts? I would appreciate any feedback from anyone as this is a community effort to living our best life in honor of the One Who has given us this life to live. Love God…love others…love yourself!


Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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6 thoughts on “Opinion Matters: 4-13-18

  1. This was my first week back in the gym, too. Yay for both of us!

    In the gym, putting pride aside and taking it slow is the only way to go.

    In life, it’s all about taking from God’s hand without grabbing.

    1. Definitely a ‘yay’ for us both! No pride…no grabbing. The results we desire will come at the right time.

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