Opinion Matters: 4-20-18

As I reviewed my work this week, I noticed a common thread. Much of this week, my writing was focused on oppressive regimes and injustices. Trust me, this was not planned. But I do not personally believe in coincidences; therefore, I believe it was something that was troubling me within and I needed to be released from it.

I would imagine the current events we are observing within our nation are somewhat troubling to all of us. If so…good! It should be. It seems as though personal agendas as being focused upon more than maintaining our sense of democracy. It is concerning when backdoor meetings are held and subsequently followed by new policies that benefit a few instead of the whole. Why is this? Is it not possible to sit at a table with others and discuss our differences as adults until we arrive at a compromise that does not cause us to compromise who we are?

We cannot fear the repercussions stemming from standing up for “…liberty and justice for all…”

I enjoy this new format because it provides me with the freedom to discuss things that I have been observing within our society. I think I have been waiting for others to stand up and speak out against the many injustices that are an affront to what we believe as a collective whole. I think the sting from the insults to our national democratic ideology has reached a boiling point within. I looked within because I did not want to fall out of alignment with my personal values and beliefs. But these very events were challenging what I believe to the core of my being.

What I have found is that everything that I am speaking of is in alignment with what I have always believed. Jesus always spoke out against religious, social, political, and familial injustices. This is why many of His contemporaries opposed His teachings. He challenged the status quo and did not retreat when his opposition plotted to discredit Him. He stood His ground. This is what He calls us to do.

It is our responsibility to exercise our political rights and civil liberties to ensure that every person receives the basic human rights that others are receiving without prejudice. We may not agree with their personal ideology, but we can ensure that they are protected from those who hold positions of authority and are attempting to erase their very existence. Every life matters. Every person deserves the right to maintain their human dignity. Everyone deserves an opportunity to live a high quality life with their basic human needs being met. So what are we going to do to ensure that they receive it?

What are your thoughts? I would appreciate any feedback from anyone as this is a community effort to living our best life in honor of the One Who has given us this life to live. Love God…love others…love yourself!


Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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