Health And Wellness Series: Summary Of Seven Dimensions

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth…” (3 Jn. 2).

Over the past several weeks, we have been engaged in a discussion about the importance of maintaining our health and wellness. As we have discovered, it is an integral part of everyday living. Why? Because each dimension of health and wellness is interconnected with the others. When each area is functioning at full capacity, we will experience the balance that we were created to have within our lives. It is all centered on our spiritual wellness at the core of it all. From within our inner being, the issues of life flow outwardly to all other areas (Pro. 4:23).

The path leading to healthy living begins with a conscious decision to change the way we think and the way we approach life.

Prosperous living only comes when we have a healthy outlook on life. Why? Because we are correctly informed that, “…as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” (Prov. 23:7). Healthy living begins in our inner man. As we begin to change our perspective on things, our lives begin to shift to become aligned with out thinking. Therefore, if we believe we are healthy, our mind will begin to focus on what actions need to take place in order to align with our thinking. If we believe we are successful, our behavior must change in order to align with our thinking. Change does not occur overnight. We have to unlearn old things in order to learn new things.

In addition to this, we must also realize that long lasting change calls for assistance from a Source much greater than ourselves. Old habits are difficult to release because the years of habitual practice have taken root within our lives. Old ways of thinking take time before change will occur. Years of conscious and unconscious thoughts and behaviors have to be unlearned and we lack the capacity to do it on our own. Whether we choose to acknowledge it, it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about true lasting transformation in our lives. Why? Without Him, we will continue to go from one erroneous way of living to another. As a result, the cycle of an unbalanced life will continue.

True wealth transcends the plane of financial accumulation. It rests in the fact that a person has embraced the truth of every area functioning at optimal capacity, which creates a sense of balanced living.

Every occurrence in life is the result of a choice. When we decide to act, respond, or react to a certain situation in ways that are destructive to our well-being, we can expect negative consequences. We must also realize that the events in our lives have the potential to affect the lives of those with whom we interact either directly or indirectly. So we must be conscious of our every decision because our decisions also impacts the health and wellness of others as well. We are not in this life alone. We are interconnected with each other and are responsible for the overall well-being of the collective community.

In the final analysis, the first step to a balanced life is to begin by making a conscious decision to commit to changing our approach to how we live our lives on a daily basis. Every subsequent decision must be intentional. Ask yourself, “How is my overall health and wellness? Where do I find myself in relation to the above discussion?” Next week, we will continue our discussion of health and wellness and healthy lifestyle choices based on our understanding of each dimension of healthy living. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone as this is a community effort to living our best life in honor of the One Who has given us this life to live. Love God…love others….love yourself!


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