The Importance Of Interruptions

Many of us have a great disdain for life’s interruptions. This is largely because we have a preset agenda to which we have chosen to subscribe to in order to remain functional and to attain a feeling of productivity. However, some of the interruptions we face in life are sometimes God’s way of saying that He wants to spend some quality time with us wherein we communicate with Him or we just sit in complete silence and listen.

Sometimes we need to step away from everything and everyone to hear with clarity and precision what God wants to say.

Oftentimes when communication is God’s intention, we tend to dominate the ‘conversation‘ without understanding that the word itself means ‘an interchange of thoughts, information between people‘. We cannot have a conversation with God if we are the only ones speaking. We cannot hear His thoughts or the information He wishes to share with us if we are continuously speaking and never allowing space for Him to communicate. Because of our inclination to dominate the conversation, we often miss out on receiving answers for which we have been waiting.

Sometimes when we face interruptions, God is wanting to disclose His plans for our lives. God does not provide the intricate details for the larger plan for our lives all at once. The human proclivity is to receive the plan from God and run with the idea prior to surveying our lives to ascertain whether we have the necessary level of ability with which we can actually operate in certain capacities. But if God never intervened and halted our activity, we would begin to act prematurely. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that we have to develop and mature before God is able to release us into certain arenas of life.

Do not despise life’s interruptions. Ask God to reveal to you whatever it is He wants to show you. Be willing to listen to and to accept what He says, in addition to, what He allows. A cessation of activity is not always a lack of progression.

Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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