Can I Handle Authority?

“Then went Samson to Gaza, and saw there an harlot, and went in unto her…” (Judg. 16:1).

Sometimes in the Kingdom of God, we are given responsibilities. We are placed in certain positions wherein the responsibilities that come along with those positions also come with a certain level of authority from the people’s perspective. The danger in this is that some people are placed into these positions without really being ready for those levels of responsibility. As a result, they abuse those positions of authority by turning what is supposed to be meant for the betterment of the collective into what benefits them.

What happens when those in positions of authority abuse their power?

When this happens, we not only see that particular office being scandalized, but we see it in a bigger and broader sense as being a bad representation of God’s perspective concerning government. As people who are placed in certain levels of authority, we are supposed to walk in these offices as a physical representation of the government of God. We are supposed to walk according to Kingdom principles. We are supposed to walk under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

If we were actually walking under the leading of the Holy Spirit, then we would find that the communities that we live in and serve would be in a better place. Why? Because we would be functioning in these positions by implementing God’s Kingdom agenda instead of our own. The result would be what is in the best interest of collective whole as opposed to what we can do and get for ourselves to make our own situations better.

What happens when those in positions of authority respect the level of authority they have been given?

This is what we see in contemporary society. This is what we have seen throughout history. When people turn from God, when people dismiss God, and they began to do what is right. in their own eyes (Judg. 17:6). Whatever they believe is the right things to do. This is what happens when God is removed from the equation and we are left to our own devices.

When we seek human wisdom as opposed to Godly wisdom to function in these positions of authority, we abdicate the responsibilities that come along with these positions. In so doing, we leave the people to function in society on their own and to seek help elsewhere instead of seeking it from God. We lead them astray, and so we have much for which to be accountable.

Sean Mungin, author of “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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